Everyday That Passes Without Filing Correctly = One More Day Apart

Depending on Where You Both Live - Expect About a 8-10 Month Wait

It's Not a Fast Process, But it Could Be Slower or Never Even Happen...

There is a tremendous amount of paperwork that goes into the CR-1 process. The requirements are very exacting and the government is unforgiving. Doing the petitions perfect the first time is not only the difference between fast and slow processing, it is the difference between approval and denial. Don't Risk Your Future.

We're a Law Office that specialize in marriage-based immigration document preparation. We will take you through this marriage visa or fiance(e) visa process from 'Start-to-Finish'.

The Simplified TimelineDuration
Get Together all Supporting Material1+ Day(s)
Prepare and Send CR-1 Petition 1 - 5 Days
Approval of USCIS CR-1 Petition 20 - 210 Days
Petition Transfered to National Visa Center (NVC) 7 - 30 Days
Prepare and Send Petition to NVC 7 - 30 Days
Approval at the National Visa Center 20 - 210 Days
Petition Sent to Embassy2 - 14 Days
Interview Wait Time (Depends on Embassy)1 - 120 Days
Visa Received - Spouse Free to Travel to USA1 - 7 Days
Average Total Time About 8-10 Months

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It takes this long when done right, imagine when it's done wrong!

The last thing you want to get is a Request For Evidence (RFE) in the mail. Not only did it take time for the government to send the response, you are now 'shelved' until you respond. At that point you are - ON THE PATH TO DENIAL. Once you receive the required for additional evidence, you have already lost time and credibility. This is precisely why hiring a highly experienced immigration document preparation service to handle your case makes sense. Make the prudent decision today and avoid getting DELAYED or a DENIED from the USCIS, NVC, or US Embassy.

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Average Wait for Embassy Interview
Australia40 - 60 Days
Brazil 40 - 60 Days
Canada80 - 100 Days
China 80 - 100 Days
Colombia40 - 60 Days
France40 - 60 Days
Germany40 - 60 Days
India50 - 70 Days
Jamaica90 - 120 Days
Japan50 - 70 Days
Mexico60 - 90 Days
Morocco40 - 60 Days
Peru25 - 35 Days
Philippines 30 - 45 Days
Russia 40 - 60 Days
Thailand70 - 90 Days
Ukraine 35 - 45 Days
United Kingdom50 - 70 Days
Vietnam60 - 90 Days

Times are approximate and based on other applicants experience. If your country isn't listed, please call.

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